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The Real Issues of ‘No Delete’

Photographs of several celebrities, many of them nude, were recently stolen and distributed online.The national controversy that ensued has recently involved St. Petersburg. A St. Petersburg gallery known as Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) recently released news of an upcoming exhibition, titled No Delete, to ...Read More

If You Go To Only One Art Event This Month…

We really hope you attend many art events this coming month.  Our new series is more of a “deserted island” exercise, essentializing our anticipation and suggestions for the coming month.  Thus, if you could only go to one art event during the month of ...Read More

Warhol Meets Dali…Again

Whether it was to make an awkward situation even stranger, or to simply give them each an excuse to not bother speaking, Salvador Dali was playing opera music at an extremely loud volume during his initial meeting with Andy Warhol.  Further adding to the ...Read More

ART AT BAY Videos: Daniel Mrgan

The work of artist Daniel Mrgan is the subject of BLUE LUCY’s latest solo exhibit Sir Dr. Admiral Rupert Xavier’s Paper Plane Flights to Exotic Mind Destinations.  We got a chance to stop by the gallery and ask the artist about his work and ...Read More

ART AT BAY Presents: Steven Kenny

St.Petersburg, FL – Steven Kenny‘s amazing portraits are a devout homage to old-school portraiture and the bizarre.  The surreal landscapes and the 17th century attire, the placements of dangerous animals in the presence of royal-looking children, and the outlandish but beautiful headdresses are all ...Read More

The (Museum) Trickle Down Effect

As monolithic as the institution of the art museum can seem, its role in society and culture can, at times, be particularly ambiguous.  Sharpening the focus, an art museum’s relationship with the surrounding art community is often no clearer.  An excited  buzz recently flowed through ...Read More

The MFA’s Exciting New Acquisition: A Curator

We often think of grants, donations, and endowments providing museums with new art or adding new wings and galleries.  The Hazel and William Hough Curatorial Endowment, though, has generously provided the Museum of Fine Art St. Petersburg with exactly what it needed: a new ...Read More