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Art at Bay is One Year Old!

Art at Bay is officially one year old today!  The past 365 days have been wildly busy.  I started my first art blog exactly one year ago in addition to becoming a writer for three others over the course of the year.  I also ...Read More

Look! Tempus for The Spring

Need an alibi for your whereabouts last night?  If you’re a Bay area art-worlder you were likely here, Tempus for the Spring.  Look for a proper review soon and enjoy these photos meanwhile. ...Read More

Look! Art After Dark: Turntable Remix

I wasn’t quite expecting “Night at the Museum” sans Ben Stiller, but it was nearly as fun.  Good art, Christian Marclay (!), beer, music, Sleeveface: Art After Dark lived up to the promise.  Look out for a proper article on the event coming up ...Read More