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From the Editor – ART AT BAY Magazine Fall 2014

Our first honest-to-goodness themed issue will be available for purchase and mailed off to subscribers soon.  For some context and explanation of the Fall 2014 theme, I wanted to share the issue’s “From the Editor” It is only appropriate to begin this letter with some ...Read More

Brief Review: Paradise City

Paradise City accepts the beauty, both natural and imagineered, as well as the weirdness, the endearing sort and the sickening – this is Florida.  Though it may be a subtle balance, it seems difficultly struck.  The exhibition situates itself between the familiar extremes of an ...Read More

Remembering Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean, the director and a curator of Selby Gallery, a Ringling College professor of art history and a prominent nationally known artist in Sarasota passed away on May 14th. In that capacity, he brought many exciting artists to Sarasota, establishing one of the ...Read More

Cross-Platform: a Q&A with Epoxy

An endearingly modest gallery known as Epoxy sits in the middle of a quiet Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa. Essentially a mother-in-law house at the end of a driveway, the gallery space is a pleasant balance of DIY earnestness and grad school attention to rigor and ...Read More

If You Go To Only One Art Event This Month…

We really hope you attend many art events this coming month.  Our new series is more of a “deserted island” exercise, essentializing our anticipation and suggestions for the coming month.  Thus, if you could only go to one art event during the month of ...Read More

Moral Borders: Noelle Mason at HCC Ybor City

Transliminal is a jarring rejoining. The gap between an object and its image, perhaps inevitably, hands down a corresponding ethical and moral disassociation. In a way, Transliminal is an uncomfortable reconciliation of a double standard back into a single one. Noelle Mason subjects the visual world of border surveillance to ...Read More

A Long Time Gone: Shawn Pettersen at # B Gallery

Prior to May 11th, Gillespie Park had a hidden gem that was primarily known among Ringling students and a small group of informed friends:  # B Gallery.  Created in a portion of artist Zach See’s house, the intention was to provide an additional space ...Read More